If your world has been turned upside down by a sight loss diagnosis, the royal blind society is here to help you get your life back on track


Every week, 34 families will be told their child is blind.

The Royal Blind Society provides vital expert and life-changing support to give blind children and their parents the confidence to live beyond their sight condition. Read more about the Family Support Service.

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I have a vision impaired child

The Royal Blind Society is here to help. From the moment your family hears the news; we can be on hand with practical and emotional support to guide you through the journey of your child’s sight loss. Find out about our Family Support Service.

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I want to talk

Sometimes a conversation can make a world of difference. We are always happy to talk. Get in touch today.

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I would like to get involved

Become part of Team Royal and help fund more Family Support Workers to be on hand when parents are told that their child is blind. Find out how you make a difference.

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